Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scott Walker: A Man Out Of Time

It's an interesting thing when time overcomes a person whose ideas once seemed perfectly attuned to his time.

It happens almost in an instant and there is no turning back. Scott Walker, who represents the goals and values of his supporters is suddenly revealed to be a relic, a guy with a view of the world so out of step it looks almost delusional.

Scott Walker says "he senses no significant movement" in Wisconsin to support marriage equality.

It's a remarkable statement because it is so completely unbelievable, so disingenuous that it strains all rational credibility.

Even the most ardent opponent of same-sex marriage acknowledges the world is changing quickly on this matter. The hold on "traditional" marriage is slipping away, state by state, one courtroom after another. States who overturn their bans on same-sex marriage hardly make earth-shattering headlines like they did mere months ago. The war is over and the world did not end.

Walker's insistence the appetite in Wisconsin is somehow different than in Utah or Iowa is nuts.

Given Wisconsin's draconian "marriage evasion" law - making it illegal to go to another state to marry under penalty of prison and big fines - is a bridge too far even for fair minded teabillies.

Yet, Walker has set himself up to defend it.

Scott Walker says he thinks marijuana use is worse than alcohol.

The Siren's centenarian grandmother doesn't even believe that. It's a preposterous notion that anyone with a chronically ill family member would enthusiastically refute - without even delving into DIU's in our state.

With Colorado looking to have generated over $130 million in marijuana sales taxes and a project billion dollars in sales next year - a lot of states are taking notice.

Ask any Wisconsin taxpayer whether they would prefer generating revenue for the state with toll roads or with a marijuana sales tax? We challenge you to find the majority for toll roads and yet toll roads have suddenly made a comeback in Wisconsin.

Fifty year old ideas to solve millennial problems.

Most states have settled their Indian mascot controversies with not much more fanfare than coming to realization that people don't wish to offend other people. It's not okay anymore.

We understand in 2014 the name of the that Washington football team is a racial slur. Times have changed.

Not Wisconsin. Not Scott Walker. We made it harder to challenge Indian mascot names and images - just in the last few months.

It is remarkable that someone not yet 50 years old could represent ideas so out of step with modern reality. Scott Walker doesn't appear "traditional," he looks crazy.