Friday, February 7, 2014

SCJ To Now Cut 300 to 400 Racine Jobs

Racine just can't catch a break.

SC Johnson announced this afternoon that instead of cutting 100 to 200 as they said they would do last October, they will be cutting more like 300, up to 400 jobs.

Having tried mightily to get Beloit to at least share the title of top unemployment in the state for part of the time - it seems the title may stick with Racine for the foreseeable future. (With no additional hope for a casino approval either.)

As we reported back in October - SCJ has maintained record profits for the last 5 years, their business is NOT suffering and the family members themselves are worth billions. In a statement SCJ said:
“It’s not about cost cutting,” she said. “This is about organizational redesign and growth for the long term.”
More like long term wealth for the Johnson's.