Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Robin Vos Says No One Cares About Gerrymandering

Little Lord Pops-the-Corn came out with a tasty little turd of wisdom whilst being interviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal Editorial Board last Friday.

In the interview the board asked him about the proposed non-partisan district maps which would simplify the gerrymandered ones the GOP has saddled Wisconsin with. Smirky McSmirkypants scoffed "oh, my God, these maps" and went on to say how ridiculous they are by concluding he hadn't really looked at them but heard they were bad.

He then referred to a study on congressional maps which said the election outcome would have not been much different if those districts had been drawn by a non-partisan panel. So there.

The proposed maps are bad because someone told him so and it wouldn't make any difference in the outcome if we had them. When pressed by the editorial board why not just give a independent panel a chance - Vos said "nobody cares" about redistricting reform.

Well, that must come as shock to Dale Schultz and Tim Cullen who have been pushing for hearing on reforming how Wisconsin draws its district map. It must be a big surprise for the 174,000 people in Wisconsin who voted for Democrats and saw Republicans win anyway because of how their districts are drawn.

It certainly is news to the people who have carefully surveyed the maps across the country - including the NY Times who wrote a pretty big article about it called "The Great Gerrymander of 2012." We tried to find Vos' article about how nothing would be different if the maps were drawn by non-partisan panels - in fact we found a whole lot that said quite the opposite.

We did come across some redistricting "truther" type rhetoric that said redistricting wasn't the only factor in why Democrats across the US got more votes, but fewer seats. That article went on to say that rate of incumbencies and political geography can skew results as well. Hmmmm, perhaps an insight into why Vos would like us to think the maps don't matter?

Well, if so, he's lying.

Now the Siren is not going to waste time beating her chest with outrage over the GOP's reticence to change the redistricting mechanism. Democrats could have also moved to a non-partisan method and did not over infighting and the loss of some seats - and they were pressured too.

However, to say that no one cares is also a lie and no amount of smugness will hide it. So give Vos' office a call, give his staff your two cents. It probably won't make a difference, but you'll feel a whole lot better.

Call: (888) 534-0063