Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let Marriage Equality Come To Wisconsin In A Shower Of Girl Scout Cookies

Time has proven to be an enemy for the anti-marriage equality crowd.

It was just a few years ago, when quite a few people were more than comfortable saying they did not believe gay people should be allowed to marry each other.

And so they added gay marriage bans on the ballot in their state to get grandma & grandpa to the polls that year.

Then came a few awkward holiday dinners and suddenly it seemed every one had at least one gay member who was sick and tired of being in the closet.

Happy fucking Thanksgiving, Pops. Deal with it!

The Supreme Court weighed in, and so did the President and a whole bunch of states decided they didn't care who got married and pretty soon, we had a gay marriage ban overturned in Utah. UTAH!

(Utah happens to fall in a Federal District with a pretty moderate judge - Wisconsin does not - which is why you saw the strangest states overturning their bans before the once progressive Wisconsin.)

Well, that changed this week. The ACLU is going after the gay marriage ban in our state - as well as the totally weird prohibition of Wisconsin residents getting married in other states. The "marriage evasion" act was created decades ago to prevent interracial couples from going to other states that recognized interracial marriages getting hitched, and coming back to Wisconsin and demanding their marriage be recognized.

Yes, this is a real thing. The penalty for breaking the law is 9 months in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

Naturally, Wisconsin Family Action is apoplectic over the whole thing and Executive Director, Julaine Appling - the middle aged woman who has lived for years with another middle aged woman and who is totally not gay - has been issuing press releases and tweets like mad.

Appling's friends over at Pro-Life Wisconsin (don't worry if you can't keep the groups straight - they are all funded by the Wisconsin Club for Growth) are competing for attention in their boycott Girl Scout cookies because of abortion, effort.

Peggy Hamell, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin admitted there is basically no connection between the sale of cookies and abortions - but why let facts get in the way?

The "cookiecott" has mostly inspired mocking rather than outrage and may insure a record sales year for the scouts. Sorta like the whole gay thing with the boy scouts - no one cared if they let gay people in or not.

Which brings us back to marriage equality. It is much too early to say how efforts will go in Wisconsin, but the momentum will be interesting in an election year. Conservatives who were helped by the marriage ban a few years ago may find themselves running from it this year.

Scott Walker will have to weigh in on whether he believes the state "marriage evasion" law is just and explain why it's okay for you to carry your gun from one state to the next - but not your marriage license?

Marriage equality will come to Wisconsin, and when it does, let it come in a shower of Girl Scout cookies.