Friday, February 21, 2014

Death By 27,000 Cuts

Nothing to see here, move along. Oh, that's what Charlie Sykes and his minions would like everyone to believe in the aftermath of the Kelly Rindfleisch/John Doe email dump.

Plenty of folks already had seen and heard much of what the national press reported on this week: the thousands of emails written on county time, the secret router system in the County Execs. office, the fundraising, the nastiness towards poor, dumb Becky Kleefisch.

They want you to believe no one cares. Don't believe it.

There is an ugly undercurrent to these "new" revelations that spell serious trouble for Scott Walker.

Before the first John Doe investigation was concluded, Scott Walker squirmed through by saying he was prohibited from discussing it. No more. The emails have been dumped and there are a lot of questions about his role. Walker can't hide behind a gag order any more.

The Journal Sentinel said as much this morning. Eventually, Walker will have to come back to the state and answer questions and every local reporter wants to be the next "Bridgegate" wunderkind. Walker's days of getting a pass by the press may be over thanks to his good buddy, Chris Christie.

The emails are still being mined for information. Just this morning the Progressive reported on an explicitly stated "voter caging" effort organized by Rindfleisch. There's the "no one cares about crazy people" remark from Rindfleisch regarding events at the County Mental Health Division - in addition to the really ugly office chatter that seemed to be routine under Walker's supervision.

Singularly, One item alone may not be the last straw for voters. However, taken cumulatively, they build towards a corrupt critical mass - even if you don't know exactly what voter caging is. Hint: it's illegal.

Originally, voters liked Walker's brown-bag, Eagle Scout style. If you asked them why, they couldn't be specific - it's a vibe. Now, that brown-bag has gone sour and smells a bit like bad baloney and it's a long way to November with bad job numbers and failed promises. The vibe works in reverse too.  

Lastly, these aren't the only emails in the original John Doe investigation. They've got all kinds of emails which have yet to be released and don't forget about John Doe II. The investigations aren't over for Scott Walker and whether he is ever charged or not - eventually the public will hold him accountable for the people he surrounded himself with.