Thursday, February 6, 2014

2 MORE Reasons To Hate Paul Ryan

Had enough of Paul Ryan, Wisconsin?

Well, your days of revulsion aren't close to being over.

Two items:

First, Paul Ryan is coming back to Wisconsin and hosting a listening session.

Whoo Hoo!

Ryan has a weird relationship with his constituents. He either hosts no listening sessions (except for a pay-per-view or special teabilly engagements) or he goes on a gauntlet around the district P90x style, doing a half dozen in a day and making it literally impossible for him to hang around and answer more than a couple of questions.

Ryan will be at Carroll University on Friday to discuss "Expanding Opportunity for Young Americans." Perhaps he'll tell them how to get through college without lifelong college loan debt when Social Security benefits aren't footing the bill - like how he got through Miami of Ohio. Um, unlikely.

Okay, so he's coming back after 10 months and talking to the college kids.

Carroll University isn't even in his district. - which is generally the idea of a listening session - speak to your constituents. Carroll University is in Sensenbrenner's district.

Ryan does have part of Waukesha - a present from Robin Vos during redistricting to make sure he couldn't lose his seat during a Presidential election year with Wisconsin leaning towards Obama. But, he doesn't have that part of Waukesha.

It may seem like a petty complaint, but there are at least a half dozen college and universities in Ryan's district he could go to and visit to discuss "expanding opportunities" not that he has done anything personally to expand them - so he may as well go talk to kids who CAN'T instead of WON'T vote for him anyway.

Second, Ryan is getting a bunch of credit for making it clear yesterday that he doesn't believe Obamacare will cost the US 2 million jobs - like the rest of the bobbleheads in the GOP.

Good for him. Except, what he did say was actually MUCH worse.

You know how one of the benefits of Obamacare is that your health insurance is portable? You can take it to your next job or no job - people don't have to stay in a job because they fear they will lose their health insurance. That is called job-lock.

Everyone either has experienced this OR known someone who has.

That is the source of the jobs the GOP is yapping about - even though it's a significantly different thing from employers letting people go. In fact, the ability of people to move around helps the economy.

Now, Paul Ryan is smart enough to know this - which is why he clarified this during a hearing in D.C. yesterday. Everyone was like, Oooh, Paul Ryan is so mavericky. They forgot to listen to what he DID say about the ability of workers to be free of job-lock because their employment won't be contingent to health insurance.

Ryan said that Obamacare is a "poverty trap" that will disincentivize people from working because they can get insurance anywhere they like:
“I guess I understand ‘better off’ in the context of healthcare. But ‘better off’ in inducing a person not to work who is on the low-income scale, not to get on the ladder of life, to begin working, getting the dignity of work, getting more opportunities, rising their income, joining the middle class, this means fewer people will do that," said Ryan.
Wow. Just. Wow. According to Paul Ryan, poor people will not aspire to the middle class because they will have the luxury of portable health care - Obamacare will "induce" poor people to not work.

AYFKM? Are you fucking kidding me?! It is a statement so stunning, so breathtaking in it's vile, selfish ignorance - it is truly hard to comprehend.

This should be a torches and pitchforks moment for Ryan - but we have all grown so accustomed to him saying shit like this - hardly anyone notices. Ryan has rebranded himself lately as the "poverty" guy and this is what he thinks of the poor.

No wonder he isn't doing a listening session in his own district.