Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unemployment? What Unemployment?

Since Scott Walker can no longer talk about job creation in Wisconsin because it reminds people of how few jobs have been created since he got elected - he has constructed an elaborate job-related talking point of such weaselly proportion it is almost breathtaking...or nausea inducing, depending on one's perspective.

When Walker talks about unemployment in our state he phrases it something along the lines of: "ICYMI: WI unemployment rate dropped to 6.3% in Nov - lowest point since Dec 2008." As he did on December 19th on his Facebook page.

He's not lying, he's just leaving out very important facts about those numbers.

Wisconsin's unemployment rate DID drop to the lowest point since 2008 - it's just that nearly the entire country did so much better than Wisconsin.

It's a statement that sounds great unless you know the rest of the story. Kinda like bragging you made sweet, passionate love to a beautiful woman last night, without mentioning that woman was your mother.