Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tea Will Not Be Served On Racine's School Board

Candidates for local office have all filed their paperwork for spring elections and it's always fun to rummage through and see who the teabillies have served up for spots on the Racine Unified School Board.

Will it be the mom who thinks it's a-okay for folks to bring handguns in schools? Maybe it will be the guy who thinks home economics is a waste of time?

It's always fascinating to watch people who don't like teachers or public schools try to make their case for being on the school board.

So who is on the tea-stained slate this year?

No one.

What?! Not one wild-eyed union hater?!

Incumbants, Melvin Hargrove, Dennis Wiser and Pamala Handrow have all filed to return and Wally Rendon must run after being appointed late last year. They are joined by some newcomers, Jacqueline Pinager, Alderman Henry Perez and Tom Fineran - all good leftish characters.

Naturally, word of whether or not they signed recall petitions was quickly circulated by teabillies. Sadly, all had put their names on the line to rid our great state of its failing Governor - because that's what we do now - decide who to vote for based on whether or not they supported the recall.

(That measure didn't work out too well last time when the teabillies corralled themselves in favor of Chris Eperjesy because, you know - he wore a tie to work, lives in a super nice house and didn't sign the recall. Oh! the gnashing of teeth when they discovered too late he was a 1%-er who cared about poverty.)

So, of the group, Pamala Handrow was a keen possibility because her name didn't turn up on the handy database of people to dismiss. Except Handrow is a liberal who served as Director of SAFE Haven shelter for teens. Ugh! AGAIN with the poverty!

So with the challenger slate comprised of one brown guy, one black lady and a union thug - the teabillies opted to go with Dennis Wiser - the former teacher and REA Union President.

The irony shall sustain us for weeks to come.