Friday, January 31, 2014

Scott Walker is E'ffing Wisconsin On Health Care More Than You Thought: Part II

Let's review...

Scott Walker thinks he can run for President, which means he can't be caught taking federal money to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin.

He came up with his own brilliant plan that kicks 80,000 people off Badgercare and costs taxpayers a ton more than a similar plan in Iowa.

Then he went and delayed the start of his Badgercare debacle making the people who did qualify wait an extra three months to get some care. Naturally he blamed it on Obama, but no other state seemed to need the extra time.

Because Walker flagged his nose at Obamacare in general, he didn't bother to set up an insurance board to review marketplace insurance costs like Minnesota did - Wisconsin health insurance costs are double that of our neighboring state.

That's what we already know. But there is more...

Wisconsin ranks FIFTY out of FIVE-O in Obamacare promotion. Scott Walker has tossed the fewest amount of resources to advertising and promoting access to new Badgercare guidelines and help in navigating the Wisconsin health insurance marketplace.

Now, of course he could have taken federal money for that too, but didn't. So if you are wondering why you've not seen any advertising or direct mail on health care in Wisconsin - that's why. Just try going to the state Department of Health website or even the county's website and find a resource - the Siren dares you.

If Walker's health care plan wasn't lame enough, (it would be comical if people weren't actually sick and in real need of medical care) next week his administration will hold a hearing on state navigators - people authorized to sign residents up for insurance on the marketplace. Navigators don't sell you insurance, they just go through the process with you and answer whatever questions you might have along the way.

Wisconsin has some of the most restrictive and expensive barriers for becoming a navigator: fees, background checks, finger printing, liability insurance. These are not insurance agents - they are folks who can come to your local library or health center and show you how to sign up for insurance.

ACA navigators have become a Republican pawn in their effort to fuck up Obamacare as much as they can.

If you live in a community where no one is available to lend a hand or answer questions - you're pretty much on your own to figure it out - and that's the point.

Racine for example has no navigators at all. None. You have to go 25 miles to find one. No one at the county health department is one, no one in town at all.

Navigators do, however, earn a commission on enrollments. Paid by the federal government - they can earn something like $20 bucks a month for each person as long as they are enrolled. It's an incentive for community health organizations to go through the process of training a navigator and do outreach to get people insured.

That is, if you are interested in people having health insurance - which Scott Walker isn't.

If you want Obamacare to fail, then you create barrier after barrier for the people who would like to enroll others. If you create enough barriers, pretty soon you have whole cities where not one navigator exists - like Racine.

Next Tuesday - they will try to add some more - as if that was even possible.

The good news is in spite of Walker's immoral effort to withhold health insurance from the people of Wisconsin, 30,000 people have signed up for health care with more enrolling each day. Pretty soon they will realize they are paying double compared to neighboring states.

Let's hope they will be voting in November.