Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Republican Voter Fraud

Why do Republicans not understand where they live?

It's such a simple thing. You live at a particular address and that is where you vote. Period.

Marcie Malszyki, legislative aid to Warren Petryk, was formally charged with felony election fraud for voting in 2008 and 2010 in Onalaska even though she lived in Madison.

One might say, "Hey, she's young, political staff move around a bunch. Maybe she viewed her home address with her parents as her real address."

Good point. But then she probably should not have taken part in a public complaint article in the Ithsmus Daily Page about a condo she bought in 2008.

Yeah, there's a picture of her and everything. Doh!

This isn't a new phenomena for Wisconsin Republicans. Remember when Robin Vos's escaped estranged wife voted in the recall even though she had been living out of state. Ultimately she got a pass - but it was very embarrassing.

See, voting records are a public record and so is WHERE you vote. Voting in a municipality where you do not live is a felony that actually carries a prison term.

We heard of a certain fake Democrat who voted in Racine (and was a poll worker there too) right up to declaring a fake state senate run, even though by all accounts the candidate lived in Union Grove.

Why bother? Why take the risk? Someone should look into it, don'tcha think?

The Siren is willing to bet Marcie is not a happy camper today. Rep. Petryk is gonna have to make a decision about her employment situation - if he hasn't already.

What is wrong with these people?