Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Burke Or Bust

Mary Burke is having a good week. Her campaign just reported a few days ago the candidate for Governor had taken in $1.8 million in contributions - and that was before everyone knew who was going to be in the race.

Then word came last night that probable Democratic opponent, Senator Kathleen Vinehout, would not seek the race for Governor.

Having suffered a serious broken arm, surgery and what is sure to be a significant recovery process - the Siren wishes Senator Vinehout the very best and a full recovery.

But on to the Governor's race...

This is bad news for Scott Walker. He'd like nothing better than to watch Democrats swing at each other until an August primary. (A bunch of Democrats certainly had been proving him right.)

Now, the state gets to focus on getting to know Burke and she has roughly 10 months to make her case. Scott Walker, on the other hand, hopes to pull a rabbit out of his ass with gimmicky tax breaks that don't seem to have the selling power they once had. He doesn't have the jobs and everyone knows it.

That's what happens when to go out on a limb and make a promise you can't keep. Burke won't make that mistake and she's going to run ads 24/7 reminding Wisconsin that Scott Walker is a corrupt loser.