Friday, November 1, 2013

Johnson Wax Has 5 Record Profit Years - Time To Fire People

SC Johnson had a homey town-hall style meeting in Racine yesterday and announced after five record breaking years in sales and profits - their very last year had been the best yet.

Billions of dollars made and deposited into the pockets of the already very wealthy Johnson heirs.

Who can begrudge them - they built it right? What's good for the Johnson's is good for Racine.

We all know because Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and even Scott Walker have told us over and over again - when the job creators profit, the economy for everyone improves. All we need to do is give them the motherfucking "tools" to grow and prosper. Tools like not paying state taxes and allowing them to deposit their income off-shore - quit bitching, because when the rich get richer, you'll get yours too.

So, in celebration of those five great years of profits and sales (during a remarkably dreary economy) SC Johnson is going to fire between 100 and 200 Racine employees over the next year.

What?! Wait!

Well, the Johnson's were listed as #151 on the Forbes 400 of wealthiest Americans in 2012. This year they dropped to #166 - someone's gotta pay for that.

Look, Sam Johnson was very good to Racine - he loved his hometown. But Sam Johnson is dead. Curt is spending his daddy's dollars trying to stay out of jail for incest and sexual child abuse and ice hokey teams aren't cheap these days, especially if they kinda suck.

The golden era of unabashed adoration for the Johnson's faded with Sam's death and died completely with Curt's creepy arrest.

There are plenty of people around town who knew Sam and say in this economy with business booming, Sam would have never fired people in Racine - especially if he didn't have to.

Those days are obviously over.