Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Would Jesus Paul Ryan Do?

The Siren told you he didn't want to repeal Obamacare.

Paul Ryan took to the media today to lay out his plan for a "Grand Bargain" to end the Republican shit shut down of the government and negotiate raising the debt ceiling - after weeks of remaining largely silent on his party's train wreck.

What is his solution? Delaying Obamacare?! Because after all, that's why veterans in Wisconsin can't come to VA offices in person to submit claims - right? It's all about Obamacare?

Ryan doesn't even mention it. Talk about changing the subject when you aren't winning the fight.

Paul Ryan sees an end to the impasse by raising Medicare premiums and changing the tax code - in other words - enact the Ryan budget plan. If that sounds apropos to nothing so far in the fight over shutting down the government, it's because it is.

There is good news, however.

Even though the shut down has halted clinical trials at the National Institute of Health, the House of Representatives gym is still open as an essential service - albeit without towel service. Dumbells meet dumbells.

Toxic waste clean ups have stopped in 505 sites in 47 states, but the little private train car that takes members of Congress and between offices is still staffed and running. Rest easy knowing Ryan won't have to make the 30 second ride out of doors.

In fact, Ryan and the rest of his colleagues still have their full staffs - even while more than 800,000 federal workers have been sent home without pay.

Republicans are none too pleased with Ryan's flake on Obamacare in his op ed - tweeting their disappointment. Ryan's hometown fans aren't disappointed however, in solidarity of the shut down they are standing strong by refusing to take their mail. (!?)

(Oh, the dumb! It burns!)

That'll show Obama. He's probably crying right now.

Wait until they figure out he didn't even mention Obamacare in his big play to negotiate - because his budget relies on keeping Obamacare in order to work.

Ryan is back to proposing his idea of Medicare cuts, raising rates and more tax breaks for the wealthy. Ideas for which he could not even deliver his own state as a candidate for Vice President.