Friday, October 11, 2013

Panicked Walker Issues Fakey Emergency Tax Cut

In less than 72 hours after Mary Burke announced her candidacy for Governor, Scott Walker pulled a clutch move to deflect his really poor record by offering Wisconsin property owners about $11 in tax savings:
~which would not really be tax reduction
~wouldn't kick in for a few years
~would come from increased revenue
...if it does increase...

Oooooh. Get out the thank you cards.

Walker pulled the move so fast - they didn't even bother to tell any Democrats about before he called a quickie special session to vote on it early next week.

See, property taxes were already set to go up - an inconvenient fact for Scooter. What's a guy going to do, who is now pitted against a millionaire corporate executive, who graduated from Harvard and...

~Walker has no jobs record to talk about.
~Wisconsin is still circling the toilet bowl in both job creation and economic outlook.
~Thousands of pretty poor people are finding out they no longer qualify for Badgercare because Walker refused to expand it while their counterparts in other states remain covered.
~Minnesota's health care is proving to be significantly cheaper than Wisconsin's because they created an exchange and Walker didn't.
~Walker is set to poison the deal for the Kenosha casino by allowing the state tribes to kill their competition. He'll say his hands were tied. An excuse no one will believe.

Oh, and people are finally figuring out how much borrowing he has already done in order to look like the "property tax king." Mary Burke is unlikely to let anyone forget the structural debt he has amassed - so enjoy your $11 - if you even get it. We won't even bring up the scandals and oversight failures - but Burke will.