Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kenosha Casino Countdown

Time is running out on the decision whether to green-light the proposed casino in Kenosha.

Scott Walker says the decision will likely come by the end of the week. But two of the 10 Wisconsin tribes say they will not budge in opposition to the Menominee's casino.

Amazingly, the tribes are the ones most impacted by potential competition a new casino poses to their bottom-line.

Once the Menominee got the federal government to okay their proposal - all they needed was the signature of Walker to break ground. All this baloney about unanimous approval by other tribes was a fake litmus test set up by Walker to not look like a weasel to big Republican donors, namely the Potawatomi  and Ho Chunk nations - the same two tribes who say they will vote no.

What will Walker do? Every Republican public official in SE Wisconsin wants the casino - along with their Democratic colleagues. It will make some jobs and generate some revenue - in an area that really needs it.

But no one at the state level in the GOP wants to piss off their Indian campaign donors either - especially Walker.

We think it's highly likely that Walker will try to bluff his way through - saying the tribes could not reach a deal - so he had no choice but to say no. A risky move going into an election year, because people in Kenosha and Racine counties are unlikely to be fooled.

Walker may very well hit his 250,000 job mark - 250,000 job opportunities he passed up on.