Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Photoshop Friday Featuring Robin Vos!

The Siren has had some mighty fun at Robin Vos' expense over the last few years. In spite of being a little obvious and always a lot childish - photoshopped images have a way of mocking our subjects in a way words just cannot. Our early attempts were a little rough - but in time they got pretty good. In spite of our occasional written wit and wisdom - it is the photos that remain a favorite.

For some reason, Robin Vos has a visage that translates well to photoshop material - an almost endless opportunity to mock. Today we are revisiting a few of our favorite photoshops of local boy - Little Lord Pops-the-Corn!

Our adorable New Year baby. After taking a few weeks off after the November election - the Siren needed a good image to bring in the New Year - diaper rash and all.

Remember the legislation to license bounty hunters in Wisconsin? It was a bill close to Vossy's heart - it was a loser however because no one really wanted it.

We imagined Vos not as the once buff, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" - but the paunchy past his prime bounty hunter.

Handmaiden or "Geisha Vos" was a photoshop created to highlight his rather "prostitutorial" relationship with ALEC, the school voucher billionaires at Walmart and of course, the Koch brothers.

It's conceptually a bit abstract - where the favorite "Bride of Koch" image was more clear in intent.

Posing Vos as David Koch's sexy date - was a bit of a cheap shot, but remains a reader favorite.

Most people know that Vos makes his money renting property of college students at his alma mater. He has favorited a number of bills over the years making it easier to keep renter deposits, edging him solidly into the slum lord category.

We featured two pictures of Vos in his character as a gangster - prompting some to worry perhaps we were making Vos look "cool."

A worthy thought - but we still like them.

"Tupac Vos" smoking a blunt and giving the finger is one of our all time favorite images. They idea was to convey more of how Vos might think of himself rather than who he really is. In another life or occupation - it might not even be a parody.

Then there is Vos as the buffoon. Those were easy...

The economy would take off like a rocket - after the recall election. It didn't but Vos' prediction made him a rocket man forever.

Sometimes the visual was literal - Vossy called the recalls a "cancer,"
 so we made him a cancer by superimposing his face on actual cancer cells.

Robin Vos as Lincoln (as in - he is no Abe Lincoln) was just silly, but drew the ire of no less than Vossy's mom who wrote to tell us she was going to sue us for slander.

She didn't, but we give her props for sticking up for her son.

Then, when just no other visual worked there was just this one that said it all:

Robin Vos is a dick. No editorial even needed.

So what is the Siren's very favorite photoshop of Vos? Well those usually fall to images that sometimes were the hardest to create. Our favorite is of Little Lord Pops-the- Corn himself.

 Have a great weekend!