Friday, September 13, 2013

The Teeny Tiny Bed United Sportsmen, Americans For Prosperity And Scott Walker Share All In One Photo

The folks at Americans for Properity and various tea billy groups like to pretend there is no connection between the $500,000 grant Scott Walker awarded to United Sportsmen of WI.

Unfortunately, Americans for Prosperity employee and coincidental United Sportsmen educator, Luke Hilgemann left a paper trail from both organizations that is really hard to deny.

The same goes for John Connors, a Americans for Prosperity staffer who registered the domain name for United Sportsmen of WI. Whoops!

Both are Facebook friends with Americans for Prosperity employee and Racine Tea Party founder, Nancy "I don't know who you're talking about" Milholland. Ms. Milholland says there is no connection between the tea billies and United Sportsmen.

Except there is. The proof was provided by dumbell, Jeff Nass, on his cleverly titled website called the "Trigger." Jeff and some of his good friends joined Scott Walker on the occasion of the Governor signing the Castle Doctrine legislation. He was good enough to provide their names and organizations.

Don't you know is was a United Sportsmen lolapalooza with a side of Americans for Prosperity all-stars. And who is seated in the center? Scott Walker, of course!

How do you like that? A complete coincidence for sure.

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