Monday, September 23, 2013

The Hunger Games ~ Wisconsin Edition

The Hunger Games sequel is coming a littler earlier to Wisconsin than expected, thanks to Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.

Both men are running for President in 2016 and they are locked in a race to the bottom - a test to see who is the the most cruel and inhumane.

Let's begin with Scott Walker, shall we?

Walker announced over the weekend (when no one was paying attention) that 92,000 Wisconsin residents will be kicked off BadgerCare by the end of the year. Letters will begin to arrive this week - and translates into roughly 3000 Racine County residents.

Wisconsin is #1 in removing people from Medicaid in the nation (see, we're #1 at something). Why? Because Scott Walker didn't create a state health care exchange and decided to give hospitals $73 million to cover expenses instead.

Expenses like covering the cost of treating people who can't afford health care.

Lest one thinks that these folks surely must be able to afford health insurance in the new Obamacare exchange, any single person making more than $11,500 or a family of four making more than $23,500 will lose BadgerCare before the end of the year.

Sure, Scott Walker could have taken $400 million in federal money to expand BadgerCare, but he just didn't think that he could count on that money from the federal government. The risk was just too great - what if they don't pay?

Of course, Walker takes plenty of money from the federal government - just about 28% of the state budget relies on Washington dollars. Funny he doesn't complain about them reneging on that money.

No, when it comes to roads, transportation and community development programs, Walker is happy to cash their check. Health care? Well that's just frivolous!

And while we're on the subject of poor people thrown off of BadgerCare, the Census Bureau announced on Friday that the poverty rate in Racine is going up. Oh joy. Highest unemployment and higher poverty and Scott Walker has the balls to show up down here to welcome Kenall Manufacturing to the state.

If you don't know who Kenall is, they are the lighting company who moved 3 miles north to Kenosha where their employees can commute and take their income tax back to Illinois.

What's that? But the property taxes, you say?

Yeah, they created a nice little TIF district for them so their new digs will be essentially tax-free for years to come. SWEET...for Illinois.

No wonder Wisconsin has the lowest GDP in the midwest - 50% lower than the national average.

So while we are the subject of poor people getting poorer - Paul Ryan - not do be undone in cruelty department - voted to cut food stamps by $4 billion last week. Were that to take effect - it would result in about 45 million people being cut off food stamps.

(Paul Ryan got to make that very specific vote on food stamps because Congress striped it from the farm bill where Ryan voted to give $196 billion in subsidies to giant Agro-Corporations. A bill so packed with handouts for corporations even the Club for Growth opposed it!)

If only the food stamp bill had cut what Ryan proposed in his Path to Poverty budget - $135 BILLION - a number so gobsmacking, it makes his vote of $4 billion last week look feeble.

He really is that evil.

Oh wait! Paul Ryan voted again to repeal Obamacare - well, not so much repeal as defund it. So it's like the 41st or 42nd time he has voted "yea" for no health care.

No doctors, no food - and they sure as shit don't know how to create any jobs. The Hunger Games - the odds are Not in your favor.