Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scott Walker Doesn't Even Know Scott Suder

"Who him? I don't know who he is."
Remember that guy...
~who just left the state assembly
~to take that state commission job
~that the governor appointed him to
~for nearly double his salary
~who wrote the a bill to give half a million dollars to his campaign supporters
~who also worked to elect the governor
~that almost cost the state $28 million in federal wildlife aid
~who never told anyone about it after he found out
~but the governor changed the bill to get the aid but still gave the money to his friends
~then had to take back the money to his friends when the press found out
~and got promoted by the governor anyway...

Remember him? His name is Scott Suder. Scott Walker doesn't even know who that guy is.

That's the impression one might gather reading Scott Walker's comments about the whole United Sportsmen payola scam in today's Journal Sentinel. He had no idea! Seriously.

~Just like he had no idea there was a secret router in his office just a few feet from his desk when he was County Executive sending out emails raising cash for his run for governor by people who were supposed to be working on behalf of the taxpayers of Wisconsin. (One of whom is now serving a jail time for it.)

~Just like he had no idea that WEDC was organizing pay-to-play grants and lost track of millions of dollars in loans even though he is chairman of the board.

Scott Suder, you say? Scott Walker has never heard of him - but he wishes him luck in his new state job.