Friday, September 20, 2013

I Never Used To Believe In Evil But Then...

I saw this video:

Who the hell would make a video telling young people to not get health insurance?

Who indeed. The Koch brothers, of course. The guys who got cancer and built a cancer research hospital at MIT for themselves.

(Don't get us wrong, regular people will benefit from research too, but if anyone knows the value of comprehensive health care...oh, who are we kidding? They don't give a crap about you.)

This utter piece of dung is brought to you by "Generation Opportunity" the new Koch kid on the block. It's Americans for Prosperity for the millennial crowd.

Unlike grandma and grandpa over at AFP, they are awesome and hip. The GenOp (that's their cool nickname) staff page tries to look like the cast of the new season the "the Real World." staff member profiles reveal cutting edge stats about each fresh face like:

~ Favorite beer?
~ Scariest movie villain?
~ Mac or PC?
~ Describe you perfect date. (Girls only!)

Wow. They are so hip and young - I totally believe this is organized and run by tomorrow's leaders!

At the end of the cast list is Executive Vice President, Bryan Slater. Bryan is middle aged and not photographed with a motorcycle or skydiving. He looks like the pervy Real World housemate who lied about his age and walks around in one of those shorty-short mens robes.

He must be in charge.

Bryan used to work in the White House Dept. of Labor under George Bush. When he was finished with his totally awesome work on jobs - and Barack Obama was elected - Bryan went to work for Americans United for Life - the group behind the newest wave of anti-abortion laws and faithful members of ALEC.

GenOp has cutting edge views on two issues important to young people.

Student Loan Debt - which is actually a very important issue. GenOp says:
"Government needs to get out of the student loan business as it has driven up the costs of education – the more they give out in student loans, the more demand there is, which then causes the colleges to increase prices (the government then spends even more on student loans and demand and prices go up even more – it is a vicious cycle)"
Right, it's the government - not banks.

On Internet Sales Tax, GenOp says:
"The bill will severely hurt small businesses, with costs ranging between $20,000-$300,000 in the first year alone – costs that exceed the annual profits of many companies."
A position held by such cutting edge figures as Sarah Palin and the Heritage Foundation. If you actually asked small business owners they will tell you they can't compete with behemoths like Amazon who don't charge state sales taxes.

Are you getting their drift? Banks = Good & Taxes = Bad. So it's no wonder this brain trust would come up with an ad campaign telling young people that health care is actually bad for them - and might lead to being physically violated by the Burger King's cousin - Uncle Sam.

In case you think Generation Opportunity is some P.O. Box in Virginia - and they are - Koch money goes much further than that. They have organizers - two who hail from Milwaukee. No doubt the Koch's would hire a couple of young-ins from their favorite state.

The best part of their whole millennial technology campaign designed to fool actual young people is the response they are getting online. From the Facebook posting of the creepy Uncle Sam video:

Bought and Paid for By Koch Brothers and 5.4 million.

Generation Idiot.

So NOW they want us to keep government out of the exam room. Wasn't it just last week when they mandated vaginal ultrasounds?

This thing is a joke. No one is going to say "Oh you have Obama care." Considering you are going to have your insurance through regular insurance companies. You people are idiots.

"Generation Opportunity is a conservative astroturf front group being used to push a pro-conservative youth narrative using the false legitimacy of their acquired Facebook page. There are no Millennials involved. There is nobody involved in the organization that is not a conservative activist. None of their polling data has included crosstabs or demographics.. . ."

Just a few comments - but clearly, no one is buying it. The Koch's should just stick to their dedicated Medicare crowd who use Jitterbugs and don't understand Google.