Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Derp Alert: There Already Is Going To Be A Democratic Primary For Governor In WI

Oh, the kids they are a-fightin'. Not the GOP - nothing gives us more satisfaction. Nope, Democrats around the state.

What's got 'em going?

Whether or not State Democratic Party Chair, Mike Tate is clearing the field for a "hand-picked" candidate to run against Scott Walker next fall.

The "hand-picked" candidate? Mary Burke, millionaire, former executive of Trek Bicycle.

Putting aside the argument that Burke has not announced and Tate doesn't have the power or the ability to clear the field for any candidate - millionaire or not - the fact remains that two people have already filed to run as Democrats for Governor in 2014.

Mike who?

Hari Trivedi of Brookfield and Marcia Perkins of Milwaukee both registered campaigns with the GAB and indicated their intentions to run as Democrats. Perkins registered in February of 2012 and Trivedi registered in April of 2013.

There are more steps to take in the process - gathering nomination signatures, etc. so they are not on the ballot yet. Perkins has registered before and very well may not arrive on a ballot in 2014 - but since Trivedi ran for Governor in the recall election, there doesn't seem to be a reason to doubt that he would try again.

This time around he'll try as a Democrat instead as an Independent - triggering a primary for even the most favored candidate.

With Kathleen Vinehout giving clear signals she'd like to run for Governor and Burke in the process of deciding, it seems there is going to be a primary even if only one jumps in.

So, let's stop arguing about it - Hari Trevidi decided the matter for us.

No one candidate is going to be a perfect fit for everyone. Good people will always have preferences among a field of candidates and that is about the only thing we actually can agree on.

The target is Scott Walker - not each other.