Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Van Wanggaard Bogarts State Senate Race

Van Wanggaard is taking no chances. Completely and utterly convinced he was robbed of his senate seat in the recall election by voter fraud - because it's hard to be that asterisk in the historical recall elections as the one guy who lost - he is making sure nobody gets any wise ideas about running for it next November.

Wanny has also just received an official endorsement by Mr. 3%, Paul Ryan. That's right, Paul Ryan lost the election for Vice President in Racine County by a little more than 3% and won it for Congress by a little less than 3%. Not the landslides he has been used to, but it's enough of a statement to keep any other Republicans from thinking about a primary.

A primary would totally suck for Van since his campaign office is all the way on the other side of the district - way too many miles for his Suburban.

We pause in sympathy for Republicans in the district who thought perhaps they might get a chance to vote for somebody new, fresh and independent, instead of another Vos zombie who will say and do anything Vos and Walker want. Sorry kids, it doesn't work that way in Wisconsin Republican politics.