Friday, August 9, 2013

The GOP Doesn't Know How To Talk About Immigration

~ DOT Assistant Deputy Secretary, Steven Krieser
That's a quote from former DOT and Scott Walker appointee, Steven Krieser, who lost his job for letting his freak-flag fly on Facebook - emphasis on "freak."

Steven Krieser has been a douche for quite a while, he is best remembered for being the guy at the DOT who told DMV employees NOT to mention the availability of free state ID's for voting. He's a peach.

Walker swiftly fired Krieser for his outburst (which you can read in it's entirety here) saying the comments were repugnant and completely unacceptable. For his part, Krieser said he had not posted the comments on state time or with a state, it was...okay? Eventually he was forced to apologize, saying "I certainly didn't mean any offense."

We can totally tell he means it too. Good riddance, butt-wipe. Maybe Glenn Grothman will hire you back.

The timing could not be worse for Paul Ryan, who is being subjected to some pretty fierce lobbying from the anti-immigration group, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). They have used their considerable right-wing money to produce a 30 second TV ad pressuring Ryan against immigration reform.

FAIR has been labeled as a "hate group" by the venerable, Southern Poverty Law Center and their ad got a "mostly false" rating from the milquetoast, PolitiFact.

They might as well have said they can see Satan in all those illegals trying to take Racine jobs - friends of Steven Krieser would have totally bought it.

Most Americans believe immigration reform is needed. They do not see undocumented workers as evil and they also know they cannot and should not all be deported. The GOP needs to start learning how to talk about it in a grown-up way without resorting to racism.

They just can't help themselves because it is really what they believe.