Friday, August 23, 2013

The Dying Right Wing Nut Job Rhetoric In Racine

Time was when Racine was rife with right-wing bloggers spewing love for Scott Walker and talking smack about the "communists" in their midst like they owned the place.

The righty clown car was full up, but since the November elections (and a little before) it has run out of gas in Racine.

Real Debate Wisconsin
Fred Dooley's long time blog has been more or less dormant for months. Never much for actual writing, Fred's style was basically to just link to some article that appeared to support the point he wanted to make about how intolerable and hypocritical liberals were. This editorial trick only required writing one or two sentences, but even that has proved to be too taxing for Fred who has only posted about a dozen times since the beginning of the summer.

Dooley has a stable of local contributors, but they have posted even less. We were looking forward to the musings from new contributor, Penny Sharp, former Democratic Party secretary. It was an interesting twist in Dooley's delusion that his blog valued "all points of view" (there are legions of people who Dooley banned from commenting).

Sharp only contributed two incoherent posts and was never heard from again. Too bad.

LiberTea Racine
Racine downtown business guy, Ken Brown, posted twice in May and before that one has to go back to February to find the next post. Never a daily writer, it seems the blog is kaput.

Brown's lesser known, "CRG of Racine" (Citizen's for a Responsible Government) blog has put up less than 20 posts since 2011, and only one in all of 2013.

The Facebook page for LiberTea is dead - but as an early competitor in the teabilly movement, Brown has abandoned it to hang with the Americans for Prosperity crowd.

Caledonia Unplugged
Has gone to "invitation only" which is generally acknowledged to mean it is also dead.

Tamra Tells It
Fake Democratic senate candidate, Tamra Varebrook, never posted daily to her blog, but has only posted four times in all of 2013 compared to 15 in 2012. Apparently, Tamra doesn't have much to tell us anymore.

Tamra's very active Twitter account has also suffered a noticeable change in attitude. Once, a right-wing noise machine which at times was fairly interesting, she has moved toward hyper-retweets of other stories.

Girlfriend needs to relax on the Red Bull - she sends out a manic one retweet per minute most mornings.

Free Racine
Longtime libertarian blogger, Denis Navratil, has put up a meager 19 posts in 2013 and unless he gets on a tear - it will be his lowest productivity since 2006.

912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin
Our favorite teabillies have gone underground and changed their name after putting up some racist and violent stuff on their public message board. Now known as the "Patriot Voices of SE Wisconsin" they have been diminished to about 3 people forwarding fundraising emails from the NRA and bogus conspiracy articles from World Net Daily.

Racine Uncovered
Beth David's local crime website took a detour for a few years into the right-wing blogosphere but she has basically abandoned that trope in  favor of crime and animal rescue.

There is truly not one full-time right-wing voice coming out of Racine these days. Charlie Sykes slick pay-per-view White Right Wisconsin has picked up some of the slack, but fewer and fewer righties are out there on a daily basis taking a stand for their ideals.

Has defending Scott Walker and Robin Vos become too much of a drag?