Monday, August 26, 2013

Good Times! The Death Rave Comes To Milwaukee

There used to be a time when taking a person's life was a solemn occasion - even if it was in self-defense.

These days, if you shoot and kill someone, you become a minor celebrity and get a high-five.

George Zimmerman takes a victory tour of the gun manufacturer that produced the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin and poses for pictures with the employees like a celebrated prodigal son.


In Milwaukee, kill a would-be robber, the one who wasn't pointing what turned out to be a BB gun at you - the County Sheriff and Wisconsin Carry Inc. will hold a concealed carry class at your establishment like it's a Super Bowl party.

The Siren isn't defending the actions of three men who tried to rob Andy Kochanski in his tavern almost 2 weeks ago. They knew what they were doing and certainly used BB guns because they looked enough like the real thing to get the job done. They took their chances and for one of them, it was a deadly gamble.

We are, however, a bit sickened by the congratulations heaped upon Kochanski like he scored one for the home team or bagged an impressive 30 point buck. A 23 year old young man is dead. Somewhere, someone is grieving his loss even if it was his own actions that led to his death.

Kochanski is the exception not the rule in gun ownership - no matter how hard gun advocates try to paint him as the quintessential reason to own a gun.

No one is saying he and others like him shouldn't own guns, but can we please stop congratulating him for using it to take a life?