Monday, August 12, 2013

Attention: Police & Firemen - The Journal Times Does Not Want Your Subscription Dollars!

The Racine Journal Times must be racking up the daily subscriptions, why else would they go out of their way to poke a stick directly in the collective eyeballs of police and firefighters by picking a fight with them?

The Monday morning editorial claims in larger than usual font size "Fair is fair for Act 10." The gist is this - police and firefighters were exempt from the provisions of the controversial Act 10 law and that's just not fair to the rest of Wisconsin's public employees who were forced to comply.

Perhaps, instead, the JT is just carrying water for the administration who got sharply slapped back by Milwaukee police and firefighter unions after Walker initially floated their inclusion just a few weeks ago.

A quick history lesson: the Milwaukee police and firefighters unions were the only public employee unions to endorse Walker in both the Governor's race and the recall election because he dutifully promised to repeal the Milwaukee residential requirement for them.

The JT doesn't mention this while they make the facile claim that Act 10 was about making increased health care benefit contributions. EVERYONE knows that public employee unions had agreed to make all the benefit contributions Scott Walker wanted - if he would just spare collective bargaining for them

No dice. That's why thousands of statewide police and firefighters marched and protested with other public workers not against them.

Shame on the Journal Times publisher, Mark Lewis or managing editor, Rob Golub, or whoever wrote this bullshit revisionist history - the Siren knows they know better.

So if you are a police officer or a firefighter, a family member of one, a neighbor of one - give the Journal Times a call and let them know their baloney isn't gonna fly.

Publisher, Mark Lewis: 262/631-1778
Managing Editor, Rob Golub: 262/631-1718