Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wisconsin Carry Inc. Organized To Steal Money From Community Gun Buy-Back

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. Milwaukee President, Nik "I swear I'm not juicing,
my penis has always been this tiny" Clark
When local church groups along with the NAACP, Urban League and the Racine Police Department announced they were collecting funds to host a community gun buy-back, Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. saw it as a great opportunity.

An opportunity to buy some guns and more importantly, an opportunity to discredit the event.

Critics of gun buy-backs (who can't comprehend the notion of anyone voluntarily surrendering a firearm) say the gun buy-backs only net junk guns, BB guns and air rifles.

These aspersions are cast to dampen community support (i.e. donations) for the event.

To make sure they are correct, members of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. came to Racine last Saturday weighted down with BB guns and broken guns to sell and promptly released a statement saying the guns purchased in the buy-back were worthless.

How do we know? They can't keep their mouths shut and bragged about it in the local paper's comment section:

That's a about $400 for that guy alone. He then followed up with a comment that read:

Well he would know wouldn't he? He's the guy who sold them to the buy-back.

A little later in the day, bogus posts about the buy-back being a "bust" started circulating on the internet saying 50 protesters showed up - it was about five max, and gift cards were given out - it was cash.

They remarked specifically on the sale of BB guns. Coincidence?

Their mission was complete: say buy-backs are useless, sell back useless guns and then say they were right to begin with - all while pocketing cash donated by church members, community organizations and local companies to keep their streets and neighbors a bit safer.

So, for the growing number of people who find the tactics of the NRA and their surrogates distasteful, here's a whole other reason to despise them even more.

For the record, the buy-back netted one assault rifle, several sawed off shot-guns and about 60 real hand guns with seed money left over to host another event. And for all the big talk about buying guns for more money than the buy-back offered, volunteers saw Wisconsin Carry purchase a couple of guns.

No one knows if those buyers waving cash around were felons or domestic abusers or people mentally ill enough to not be allowed to purchase a gun. We'll never know, because that's the law. We do know that Wisconsin Carry conspired to take money from the buy-back.

Assholes, one and all.