Monday, July 1, 2013

Walker Vetoes Bounty Hunters, Vos Skips Budget Signing. Coincidence?

Photo credit: Rebecca Kemble
Tens of people showed up in Pleasant Prairie yesterday to witness Scott Walker signing the 2013 Wisconsin budget.

The news had already circulated that Walker would veto the sneaky provision to expand voucher limits in Racine and the bounty hunter boondoggle - both favored pieces of legislation of Robin Vos.

Lots of politicos were in the house, the crypt keeper, Alberta Darling, Fitzgerald the Lesser and what's her name  - the Lt. Governor.

Noticeably missing was none other than Little Lord Pops-the-Corn, Robin Vos.

The ceremony couldn't have been much closer to his own house - just a quick hop on 294 and yet Vossy did not grace their event with his smirky face.

Do you suppose it was a coincidence? Me neither.