Thursday, July 25, 2013

There Will Be No Singing!

Yesterday a couple of dozen singers in the State Capitol were arrested and ticketed for...singing.

Yes, because Scott Walker is a small and petty man, any group of more than 20 people must get a permit to congregate in the center of the public building.

Groups of about a half dozen at a time took turns singing and then carted off by police with quite a few more watching the process.

They were cuffed and lead away to a room where oddly enough a game warden kept an eye on them. One awful man who didn't like the singers even spat on an old lady while she was getting cited - klassy. Luckily, he got arrested too.

The singers promised to be back again today - just like they have everyday since February 2011 - and so they did.

More arrests today, with the police being resolute, but respectful in their task.

Wispolitics pointed out that no judge ordered the arrests - it was slimey DOA Secretary, Mike Huebsch and his sidekick Chief Erwin who decided to go forward with the arrests. Most agree the standoff will only lead to more singers everyday until the administration starts to look more like the Gestapo.

Ding-a-ling State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo got the ball rolling by issuing a statement today saying:
“It’s sad when a person feels their life is so empty and meaningless that the highlight of their day  is to invade an otherwise peaceful capital every noon hour and raise a raucous in the rotunda. If these attention-starved individuals really wanted to contribute something helpful to society, they would spend their days volunteering in soup kitchens or homeless shelters rather than putting on infantile demonstrations for public gratification."
Yeah, the world needs LESS singing, because singing sucks - unlike issuing a press release with your opinion no asked you for Joe.