Monday, July 8, 2013

Governor Vag Creeper Signs Bill That Even Pisses Off Wesley Crusher

Yeah, it's like that. You have to be a rather colossal douche to inspire science fiction actors to flame you on Twitter, but, "Colossal Douche" is Scott Walker's middle name. There's more too.
Yikes. In case you didn't hear, Scott Walker signed in to law a mandatory untrasound for women seeking abortions. By mandatory, we mean a medically unnecessary and invasive procedure performed against her wishes and those of her doctor.

A procedure she may not want - but will have to pay for anyway.

It is little wonder that Walker privately signed it on Friday - over the holiday weekend. The legislation also includes a bogus provision that ban abortion providers who do not have admitting privileges at the nearest hospital - a move which will cause two more clinics to close.

Two clinics who provide low cost health care for women - and low cost birth control. Less access to birth control means more unwanted pregnancies and that results get the idea.

This is the solution presented from our Republican friends who say they only want women to make "informed" choices - the kind you get to make when it's already too late.

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood responded within hours of Walker's signature with lawsuits claiming the bill is unconstitutional - but it is an uphill climb and an expensive one to litigate.

Scooter is playing a game of catch-up to other Republican governors with their eye on the White House - something he can say he accomplished since he hasn't created any jobs or balanced the state budget.

UPDATE: Arguments for the case will be heard on July 17th - an amazingly fast turnaround.