Thursday, July 18, 2013

Governor Street-Walker Named Among Worst In Country

Oh, she's a tired streetwalker, that Scott Walker. She's strung-out and nasty. Her pimps over at Koch Industries and the Bradley Foundation never let her rest. But finally, our girl gets some respect. Named among the worst governors in America by Citizen's for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). You go girl!

Now, before the haters get all righteous that CREW is one of those lefty George Soros franchises - CREW is one of those lefty George Soros franchises.

They even got money from the Tides Foundation (which will mean nothing to most people, but will make the ears bleed of Glenn Beck worshipers).

CREW has targeted plenty of Republicans for unethical activity to be sure - none of whom any GOP party member would wish to defend: Tom Delay, John Ensign, Ted Stevens & David Vitter. They have also gone after a bunch of Democrats too: Jesse Jackson Jr., Charlie Rangel, Diane Feinstein, John Murtha and more.

CREW is the poor relation to the heavily funded, conservative Judicial Watch, who has sued the Bush Administration and Haliburton - even if they did spend big bucks on the Terri Schaivo horror show.

Conclusion: Even ideological skewed groups can get it right sometimes.

So here comes CREW's Governors Report. Categories are divided into "Ringmasters, Clowns and Sideshows" where Scott Walker ranks as a ringmaster. It is not a pretty picture.

Tales of Walker's mismanagement, cronyism, pressuring of public officials, scandals, partisan politics and voter suppression efforts put him up there with GOP anti-heroes, Rick Scott, Bob McDonnell and Rick Perry. (Walker's chapter begins on page 48 of the report - read it but don't skip the others - what a bunch of assholes!)

It ain't all Act 10 crap from a few years ago either...WEDC and hijacking the Federal Mortgage settlement funds make their appearance this time around. We can't wait until their next report when Walker's refusal of Medicaid funds make it into their report - which should come out just as Walker's re-election campaign gets rolling.

Congratulations to our own Street-Walker, your time on the corner has finally paid off! Who says being a Koch-whore doesn't have its benefits?