Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WISGOP Uses Stock Photo Of Diverse People To Prove They Are Diverse

The Wisconsin Republican Party is   attempting to re-brand itself as a more inclusive entity. They are co-opting traditional Democratic strategies like opening a whole bunch of campaign offices in Wisconsin, voter registration efforts and block captain organizing - we know this from the giant banner on the state website which asks viewers to "BECOME A COMMUNITY CAPTAIN!" sounding suspiciously like the conservative pejorative - community organizer.

The banner has a full color photograph of supposedly other "community captains" who are stunningly handsome. Young, old, white, black, brown and even Asian, all inviting you to join them in the new Republican Party.

The chick/dude in the upper right-hand corner might even be gay. As a liberal, the Siren can honestly say we don't know this many diverse good-looking people. It's really impressive.

It's also really fake.

The banner photo is a iStockphoto available for purchase online. Those smiling, multi-cultural people aren't from Wisconsin and they probably aren't Republicans either.

Seriously, are there no brown, Asian and young Republicans in the state of Wisconsin you could not have gotten together to take a picture?


The re-branding strategy of the state  party includes paying for photos of diverse people rather than actually knowing them!

Lest you think the Siren is being too harsh...the website also includes an auto-play video announcing the new field offices (you know, the kind that start up below the screen and scare the crap out of you) that is clearly a homemade operation.

The group featured in the video are young - probably staffers - they are ALL white, ALL male - with one woman tossed in for seasoning. They are spotty and not so very attractive as our stock photo of fake "community captains."

A decidedly more accurate snapshot of WISGOP for sure.

Look, if you have to buy a photo of a diverse group of people to prove you are a diverse group of people - you aren't.

Can you people please try to make this harder for us to mock?