Monday, June 24, 2013

What The Teabillies Don't Like About Walker's Budget

Photo credit: The Blaze
Only the most loyal Walker supporters are celebrating the passage and imminent signing of Scott Walker's biennial budget.

You'd have to be a total party hack (or the Journal Times) to not understand there are more than a few jaw-dropping policy proposals that fail the less spending/smaller government teabilly litmus test.

The irony in their complaints sound a lot like those voiced on the left.

It appears some teabilly groups have graduated to some advanced 'rithmetics and aren't so very pleased with Walker's bullshit income tax cuts which he purchased by borrowing more than $500 million dollars. Of course, liberal blogs pointed this out not just of this budget, but of Walker's last budget too.

We give them props for finally figuring out that Walker is just buying votes for his next election by putting a marginal tax break on the state credit card.

The teabilly's aren't happy about the DNA collection either. Scott Walker has proposed swabbing anyone for DNA arrested for a felony - not just convicted. Citing constitutional concerns, the teabillies are fussin' about the invasion on their rights and their bodies.

[We know what you dear readers are thinking - if they don't like a q-tip in the cheek, how do they feel about an ultrasound up the hooha? Well, we watched the teabilly websites very closely during the debates on mandatory ultrasounds and they were SILENT. While #gynogovt was trending on Twitter, they weren't saying a word - which is actually pretty significant.

Rather than piss off the rabid pro-life contingency they just kept chattering about the IRS.

Any real Libertarian worth his mettle would never, EVER, cotton to having Big-Brother shove anything up your anywhere, so we're just imagining a group-wide fingers in the ears and a hearty, LALALALALA until it was over.]

The teabilly's have also figured out that Walker changed the law so his budget would not have to be legally balanced by carving out a two-year exception for himself. That took some readin' - so congratulations y'all.

What would make Walker do such a thing? Well, this budget is actually the biggest spending budget in Wisconsin history. Walker INCREASED spending and his bullshit tax cut lowered revenue - which is supposed to balanced. Get it?

Wait until the teabilly's figure out that they're paying for Obamacare but Wisconsin isn't going to get any of the benefits of it - because Scott Walker is really running for President and not governing the state.

Good luck not vomiting in your mouth every time he mentions your $50 tax break y'all - you'll only be paying for it for the next ten years.