Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OMG Robin Vos Just Fixed The Deficit In Walker's Budget!

The Wisconsin budget debate has been a real pain in the ass for Republicans who just wanted to rubber-stamp Scott Walker's nightmare of a budget. Worse, the biggest pain has come from other Republicans who used stuff like "facts" and the "truth" to make their point about the problems they have with Walker's budget.

Leading the rebellion has been Assembly Representative, Steve Nass, who issued a pissed-off rebuttal press release yesterday after Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, told the media Nass' fiscal analysis wasn't up to snuff. See, Nass (and others) have a problem with the $505 million dollar structural deficit that is created by the budget - a not very conservative and utterly hypocritical little wrinkle for Scooter.

So the Republican leadership got together and came up with 28 amendments to the budget that had something for everyone to make the legislation palatable for all (ALL Republicans, that is). Stuff like property tax exemptions for buildings used to age cheese, changing the rules to become a licensed chiropractor and disallowing any local government from placing restrictions on real estate brokers - you know, standard boilerplate budget stuff.

Anyway, right at the end of the giveaway to lobbyists and campaign contributors, Vossy managed to dispel their biggest problem - the structural deficit.

Read it a couple of times to let it sink in. Got it?

Amendment 27 eliminates the structural deficit by eliminating the requirement to balance the budget. Genius! Why didn't Democrats ever think of that?

Vos eliminated the deficit in the budget! Everything is going to be totally okay now.