Thursday, June 6, 2013

Epic Eye Roll: Racine GOP Says No Lehman Recall "For The Good Of The County"

In order to spare the county the trauma of a recall election, Bill Folk announced yesterday in JT headline news that any effort to recall Senator John Lehman would not be supported by the Racine County Republican Party.


Let's be clear, the desire to recall Lehman was real enough for more than a few sore losers in the area - their plans were quashed (not squashed, Alison Bauter) because Robin Vos and the state party were in the midst of introducing their "recalls only for criminals" bill in Madison.

Republicans follow orders - and they weren't having any of that shit - especially if it meant they would look like giant assholes. See, not everyone is wild about the idea of making it harder to recall a politician and that includes some Republicans and Libertarian types - remember they launched their own recalls last year too.

None succeeded, but at least they had the option.

A Lehman recall would have been a dumb idea - and it's reasonable to imagine that a whole bunch of people who aren't wild about John Lehman would have thought so too. In spite of what Robin Vos says, recalls are not easy to trigger and if the people aren't truly outraged, you're just wasting time and money.

But the humanitarian slant was a nice flourish. "Think of the children!" sounds a lot better than "Robin told us to fuck off."

Poor Wanny, he'll have to wait a little longer to plan his return - unless Samantha Kerkman decides to move up the food-chain instead.

It was officially one year ago today - 'cause the counting was still being done after midnight in Racine on election day - that Racine recalled it's second Republican State Senator. Convicted local contractor, Mike Ottelein was crawling around a dumpster outside the Chavez Community Center polling place looking for imaginary voter fraud, True the Vote packed up and went back to Texas so they could be investigated for voter intimidation and the county GOP was busy preparing a bunch of complaints against poll workers that tuned out to be baseless.

Their election day bad behavior would result in stricter polling place rules - ultimately neutering them the following November. Good times!