Saturday, May 4, 2013

Racine Exposed, In Ruins, Uncovered, In Chains And Off The Rails

Dr. Ken Yorgan has lost his mind. Or perhaps, he has been snookered so completely he is like one of the cast members from "The Following" uttering cryptic passages from Edgar Allen Poe in phony press conferences not realizing his credibility has been sacrificed on the altar of failed business men and scofflaws.

Where is Kevin Bacon when you need him?

Oy, the saga of the "Racine Equality Project" has just gotten a bit more nauseating with the filed recall petition of Racine Alderman, Jim Kaplan, yesterday. The Siren has no big love for Jim Kaplan - he is not the progressive man's friend - as we have taken no time to photoshop his face on a penis or poo, you could say we harbor no malice for him either.

Earlier in the week, the big strategic move by the "Racine Equality Project" got shot down by the city ethics committee who denied their complaint of nefarious behavior at City Hall. They rebounded by filing a recall petition against Kaplan who we think they think is partly responsible for the CAR25 contract and it might also have something also to do with Aldermen packing heat in council chambers - but frankly their rhetoric is so long, boring and absurdly conspiratorial - it makes "Loose Change" seem like a Disney animated short.

To be completely honest - we didn't read it all - it's unreadable. It is also not entertaining and reminds us of a little of a poor man's uni-bomber manifesto. You can read it if you like - but this is basically what you need to know:

John Dickert has been hot to revamp CAR25 ever since he was elected - this is no secret. His ambitions have been simmering since he didn't get to have his fancy CNN producer friend take it over as director several years ago. Now Dickert is not a particularly patient person and when he got wind of the potential talent at Falling Skies or Skies Falling - he was raring to go all over again.

Instead of patiently waiting and letting the commission do what it does - and who were not adverse to the idea of a makeover - Dickert pushed hard to get the show on the road. THAT made people think some kind of fix was afoot and so no matter how much City Hall hates the whole CAR25 controversy, they did their part to add to it.

Every mayor in the history of Racine has had a band of haters waiting to exploit any misstep - the CAR25 deal was just an opportunity for a group of people pissed off about the bar closures, the slander case, various malcontents and the one guy who had a CAR25 show designed to bad-rap Racine to join forces against a common enemy.

All of this is boring, but the rise of the "Racine Equality Project" with Dr. Ken Yorgan of the Coalition for Peace and Justice as their spokesperson is a new twist.

According to their website; "Our mission is to promote opportunities, fairness and social justice in Racine." Sounds great - what it actually is, is a bunch of videos of city meetings on CAR25 and PDF's of ethics complaints against John Dickert and Mary Osterman signed by political action director and sometime accused lady strangler, Keith Fair.

Opportunities. Fairness. Social justice. Really?

So, it gets better because the petitioner who filed the recall papers against Jim Kaplan is Oscar Bueno. Oscar is currently under investigation for Food Share fraud - which is bad - but perhaps not as bad as choking a pregnant lady. Back in the day, Oscar got convicted of felony battery. Since that was in the mid 80's - he was the one with the cleanest record we guess. (!)

Jim Spodick, another player on the "Equality" team doesn't live in Kaplan's district and has all those foreclosures and unpaid bills on his record - which doesn't look good. Their attorney, Vince Bobot, lives in Milwaukee and has been super busy defending the other members of the justice league: Fair (battery, bail jumping, bar closing), Thomas Holmes (bar closing - where a security guard was shot) and Eric Marcus (battery and batshittery). And now we have Oscar - former felon and presently defending himself against allegations of defrauding public assistance.

Do you suppose that any of these guys have stopped to take just a quick inventory of their CCAP adventures and maybe just for second thought they weren't the best people to be pointing fingers at anyone else? Me neither. Misconduct? Are you kidding?

Which leaves Dr. Ken Yorgan, who actually does know something about social justice and fairness - but instead chose to drive past rampant unemployment, systemic discrimination and heartbreaking poverty to stand at a microphone with this crew of malcontents to speak about the injustices done to CAR25 as if it even begins to compare to the real definition of social justice and equality in the city of Racine.

You sir, have made a mockery of yourself. We are gathering the dollars to secure your release should you come to your senses.