Friday, May 17, 2013

Jobs! Oh No...Wait

Robin Vos was quick to get out a self-satisfied press release touting the creation of 62,000 jobs in Wisconsin over the last two years. Vos had this to say:
"These are exciting times in Wisconsin. Our economy is back on track and jobs are being created across the state," said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester. "I'm confident that our reforms will continue to benefit the private sector to allow for many more family-supporting jobs."
Good thing he blasted his email followers early because just a little later in the day the Department of Workforce Development announced the loss of 24,000 jobs LAST MONTH.
This represents the biggest monthly job loss in Wisconsin since 2009.

Our friend, the brilliant Capper, over at Cognitive Dissidence points out even the meek amount of jobs Walker & Co. have managed to make are better attributed to Jim Doyle.

What? Walker and Vos taking credit for Jim Doyle's job creation?!

Yes, bunky, it's true:

What cannot be attributed to Jim Doyle is the 24,000 jobs lost last month and Wisconsin's dead last placing in short-term economic growth nationally.

State Republicans are doing their best to focus on the dumb UW surplus and IRS baloney to divert attention from the really, really bad news.

It's not working y'all.