Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Does The JFC Have Cold Feet On Vouchers?

David Koch and paid escort, Robin Vos
Well kids, it's put up or shut up time in the state Joint Finance Committee as they delay and delay discussion the school voucher expansion program built in to Scott Walker's budget scheduled to begin today.

First can the postponement of the controversial measures and then came the vamping for time.

What does it mean? There is disagreement among Republicans on the package - they don't have the votes.

Just yesterday, the entire school board in Green Bay issued a press release asking the JFC committee to strip out the entire voucher measure as separate legislation - something the crypt-keeper, Alberta Darling, doesn't want because they'll be lot's of discussion and Republicans will be forced to defend a plan no one wants.

The more people learn about what vouchers will do to their school districts - the less they like them. When given a brief description of the provisions built in to the special needs "scholarship" program - their hair spontaneously starts on fire.

The less discussion the better for Republicans.

A few Republicans don't have the luxury of inflicting unwanted voucher programs on their constituents without fear of electoral backlash like Robin Vos did when he shoved vouchers down the throat of the Racine Unified School District from the safety of a Burlington/Union Grove voting base.

Those Republicans are starting to wonder if their constituents will hold it against them in 2014? The answer is delay, delay, delay.

The Green Bay School Board and hometown newspaper was right - no one asked them for vouchers. No one except the Koch's, the Walton's and the DeVos' who don't happen to live there.