Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Walker Staffer Goes To Jail

Let's play a game...
Siren: A Scott Walker staff member is going to jail. Can you guess the offense?
Kitten: Campaigning on state time?
Siren: No.
Kitten: Embezzling money from veterans?
Siren: Nope.
Kitten: Illegal campaign contributions?
Siren: Wrong.
Kitten: Soliciting underage boys?
Siren: Good guess, but no.
Kitten: I give up!
Siren: DUI. She's going to jail for 20 days because this is her 2nd offense.
Kitten: That's terrible! Her career is ruined!
Siren: Nah, when she gets out she'll become a lobbyist and make some real coin. Just ask Scott Jensen.