Monday, May 13, 2013

Americans For Prosperity Memo Kinda Shows Why The IRS Was So Interested In Them

Oh, the teabillies are a cussing and a swearing over the revelation the IRS may have targeted their grassroots, folksy groups who weren't doing nuthin' except promoting liberty at their completely spontaneous rallies with jumbo-tron TV screens, professional sound-systems and a fleet of custom painted coach buses.

What's the fuss, Gus?

It all made the Siren remember a memo she had been sent last year, written by Americans For Prosperity Vice President and General Counsel, John Flynn, warning AFP folks not to let their completely non-partisan rallies inch into partisan - and illegal - territory.

See, AFP can maintain their non-profit status as long as they remain focused on issues and not elections - which would run them afoul with the IRS.

From the memo we learn that AFP had experienced some difficulty in maintaining the legal line with some enthusiastic speakers who forgot they weren't there to bash the President and win the election for Mitt Romney. Oops!

The Siren thinks the teabillies doth protest a little too much considering the tone Mr. Flynn takes in warning state groups of their responsibilities. We thinks perhaps the IRS hasn't done enough investigating on these guys.

Read it for yourself: