Monday, April 29, 2013

Racine Tea Party: Postcards From The Edge

Whilst having a spring catch-up convo with a rather conservative neighbor of the Siren, we embarked on the time honored inventory of recent illnesses and family feuds as neighbors do.

Our adorable neighbor was giving the bullet points on a longstanding kerfuffle amongst her sister-in-laws in which she described the main culprit in the drama as someone the Siren might know since "she's on the other side."

Asking her name, the Siren found it unfamiliar and said we'd get the low-down from our friends on the liberal who was making our lovely neighbor annoyed. No, she replied, "she's not a Democrat, she's one of those crazy teabaggers." That's an exact quote.

Ha! Our neighbor confirmed exactly what we have suspected for quite a long time: Even life-long Republicans think teabillies are crazy and unacceptable.

And then the Siren found a perfect visual representation of exactly why. (Note: If you are reading this and you are a crazy teabilly, none of what the Siren is about to explain will make any sense. Just stop reading and go peruse the Armslist website or Infowars.)

Placed just as casually as you please was the following post on the Racine Tea Party Facebook page by defeated Caledonia trustee candidate Ed Willing:

Now, the Racine Tea Party's Facebook page is open to members to post whatever they wish - although we have noticed some backlash for being overly negative about various elected Republicans by the administrators. What struck us as remarkable was how helpful Mr. Willing was in letting their members know that Dick's had a recent shipment of bullets in which they could now stock up.

Is it hunting season? Are the FEMA camps impending?

A lot of people use Facebook to post articles and cartoons about politics which appeal to their friends who probably already feel the same way. It's fun and reassuring. ALL the Siren's friend's changed their profile pictures to the red equal sign during the Supreme Court hearing on DOMA. We're liberals.

If we had a picture of ourselves literally hugging a fucking tree it would be our profile picture for life.

Most people don't "like" guns. Some may view them as necessary and some may feel safer knowing one is a few feet away if something bad happens. No one really wants to kill anyone and no one definitely wants to be shot by a gun - accidentally or otherwise.

There is a line most gun owners recognize in which you keep your gun enthusiasm on the down-low lest you wander into "gun-nut" territory making everyone else who owns a gun look like a nut-job. It's like the guy who is the toughest fella in the room - he doesn't need to talk about it or brag - when the time comes, he can prove it and he knows it.

Posting a new shipment of ammunition may be a helpful announcement to a select few - but it creeps out just about everyone else. It is the almost naive inability to understand that which is at the root of why even Republicans think teabaggers are crazy.