Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adios Wisconsin Jobs

What a shame that Scott Walker's "tools" weren't enough to persuade Cooper Power Systems in Pewaukee to hang around the badger state a little longer.

Cooper is bidding buenas noches to 163 Wisconsin workers and moving camp to Queretaro, Mexico.

Were Cooper's profits down? Nope. In fact Cooper's net profit margin rose nearly one percent between 2011 and 2012 when they got bought by Eaton Corp. giving the duo a combined revenue of $21.5 billion. Apparently that wasn't enough for Cooper CEO's who sighted a continued "challenging business market" as the main reason for their departure.

Banana-pants conservatives were quick to blame Obamacare, union unrest and relentless political strife in Wisconsin for the move (because Mexico is so stable right?). How is poor Scotty Walker supposed convince companies to stick around?

Perhaps the real reason may have something to do with the fact the average wage for a worker in Queretaro is $4.85 a day. A DAY.

So to Cooper Power Systems, we say a fond adios y vete a la verga culero.